The Rules of Walrus At War Updated

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The Rules of Walrus At War Updated

Post by Master Fish on Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:58 pm

Here are the Rules of the Walrus At War Forums:

1. Try to keep off the swearing. It's not a swearing fest. Please don't.

1 and a half:No censor bypassing:
If, "Pikmin" was a bad word, and you write it, our censors would catch it
-****** is alright
-*&^%$# is alright
-Pikm*n is a no-no.

2. No Signatures Showing Inapropriate, images, words, etc. You'll be banned for this.

3. Don't Flam or Threaten other users too do something! You will be in big trouble for this!

4.Please don't post links too any Inapropriate images, words etc without warning other users or telling me first.

5. no more than 3 smilings in a post

5.Unless it's a trade thread or anything like whos your favorite Pokemon don't Topic revive something over a month old.

6. Try not to Spam or give links too other webs. That's what Signatures are for.

That's All for now. If theres any Problems please contact Me, Admin, or any of the other Moderators. Don't be a fool, stay cool flower

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