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Post by Walwy on Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:47 am

The rules of WAW REVISED!I want to make the rules a bit more explainable.

1) No dirty or bad language. We are E forums (although kids under thirteen should have their parents permission first).
Most of those words are caught on our censor and replaced with something like "scrub." Not all words are there. I'm pretty sure there are other adjetives you could use that are less hurtful.

1.5) No censor bypassing: This is when you tick off the word censor (lol). I'll show you what I mean. Lets say "walrus" is a bad word.


Saying it would usually be okay if its on the censors.

****** is ok

!@$#*% is ok

W@lrus is not ok

Wal*us is not ok

Walru$ is not ok.

2) Do not show innapropriate pictures anywhere. Not in your avatar, in your sig, in a post NEVER! You would get most likely banned.

3) Do not flam or threaten other users. We wanna be a happy forum, so the name will get around good. I've seen some forums slowly break down becuase of this.

5) Do not spam. For those who are new to forum life, spam is a post that has absolutely nothing to do with the forum


At the battle forums

1) Hey _______ Do you wana battle?

2) Sure __________ i'll battle. See you on.

3) Hey you guys wanna play Mario Kart Wii! (spamming)

Thats spamming. There are many types of spamming.

6) Do not put more than three similes in your post. That just creates spam.

7) Do not advertise in via PM, or post. This is considered spamming. What most forums would do is ban you, and put the link
in their censors. We're a bit nicer here. You may advertise in these designated areas:


Trade Thread (Only the owner, at the anmoucements page)

Club/Clan (only the maker at the annoucements page)

advertising forum


Cool Do not topic revive. if someone hasn't posted at a thread for at least a month, it usualy means its dead. No point.


I hope this helps. This will be unlocked to see what you guys think. Parents, guest, etc. if you have any questions email me at

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