Start of the White Rahkshi

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Start of the White Rahkshi

Post by Walwy on Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:03 am

[i]In the world of Legos, there were many worlds. One day The BIONICLE and Hman world met. Soon, War broke out. It ended as a brutal tie. Now they work together. Against evil. The Humans and Bionicles have created Walrus Base[/u]

Spikelin the Rahkshi of heat Vision was not born by evil. Teridax planned the Order of Rahkshi. Krampa, an Evil Rahkshi was about to enter the ancient Rahkshi Body containing Snow Powers. Spikelin, a Rebel, along with Toa Tahu, Toa Nokama, Keetongu, Toa Onewa, and Toa Matua try to stop this process. War Starts. Keetongu and Tahu are immedialty spereated from the others
Both Later Joined The Other Warriors of Brains
. Krampa then captures Onewa and drains his light. There would have to be a sacrifice. Nokama, knowing that Spikelin would have to sacrifice worries. She stops and accidently trips Matua Kampa catches up. Nokama escapes but Matua's light is drained. Nokama and Spikelin then are surrounded by other Rahkshis. She convinces Spiklin to make the Sacrifice. Trying to hold the Rahkshi off, she is defeated and gets her light drained. Spikelin goes through the soul terminal and brings the White Rahkshi to life, with a good soul inside. As a reward, Walwy the white Rahkshi revives Spikelin.


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