WAW Bionicle Comic Issue 1: Meet Walrus Base

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WAW Bionicle Comic Issue 1: Meet Walrus Base

Post by Walwy on Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:29 pm

I am now doing my own comic since Pikmoton is doing his.
There was a time, a long time ago, they're were two worlds. One for humans, and one for Bionicles. Then the two met. Unable to react well war broke out. In the end, both sides were defeated. In order to stop the madness, Walrus Base was formed. Bionicles and Humans unite to solve problems in both sides. Thus, they must go and find the golden mask to put under military hands. Can Walwy the White Rahkshi, and the rest of Walrus Base win this war against the group of assasins called the crabhammers, the remins of the brotherhood of Makuta, and Gelu?

As Walrus Base journies down to find the mask, they prepare for the underwater venture. While Walwy, Tarix, and Pridak are ready, Strakk, Canfler, and the troops must get breathing mask and tubes.

The group heads out into the deep!

CrabHammer Grunt: Hey Walrus fools! You boys aint going anywhere! Stck em up!
CrabHammer Grunt 2: Dude watch out for the UnderDino!
Crabhammer Grunt: What the?! How the-UUUGGGHHHH!

The sight of the underdino intimidates many. Walrus Basetries their best to defeat it. Commander Christian, a 11 year old troop decideds to try to befriend the beast.

Unfortunately, a CrabHammer knocks Christian and Canfler into the deeper pits. From now the story should tell itself.

Canfler: I found the mask! I repeat I found the mask!

Gelu: Oh no you don't fool! That Mask is my gold *Chop*!
Canfler: My breathing tube UUUUGGGHHHH!
Gelu: Now that this fool is dead I shall take the mask!

Christian: NEVER *POW*!
Gelu: Ugghh, you won't have my-mask!

Gorast: The Boys right! You won't have your mask! I will *POW*!

Christian: *POW* I reflected your bullet! I won't let you win.

Christian: No, WALWY!

Gelu" NO, MY MASK!

Walrus Base Troop: Concede!
CrabHammer Grunt: RUN!
Christian: We seem to have befriended the Dino! My plan worked! Too bad for Canfler. He shall be known forever.

They have won.....for now. Catch next times issue!


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