What is prisoning?

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What is prisoning?

Post by Master Fish on Sun Oct 04, 2009 6:25 pm

as it says in how discipline works here four warnings youre prisoned

here is what it is

when you are prisoned it means you have caused alot of trouble and the mods and admins say you are warned too many times. they then put you in a special group

What happens when youre in here?

1.you will be assigned a mod/admin to watch youre every post and follow you around.
2.you will not be allowed to use the chat box
3.you will have to wear a banner in your sig that a mod will put in. if you get rid of it you will be banned for a week.
4.your name will be in dark red so everyone knows to be aware of you.
5.your name will be written down so we know to keep extra eyes on you
6. your name goes in a special group
how do i get out of it?
you stay out of trouble out of trouble or pay your time
what happens if i get in more trouble
like waw said youll be banned

so please stay out of trouble


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